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Post-nup says the motorcycle is a no-no

by: Robert Kirby
(Originally published in the The Salt Lake Tribune. Reprinted with permission).

Robert Kirby I am not getting divorced. I wasn’t 100 percent sure until yesterday. Prior to that, the closest I dared get to the house was a block.

All I said to my wife was, “I am going to buy a motorcycle.” We were in bed with the lights out when I said it. This actually worked to my advantage because her long-standing argument against me having a motorcycle is that I have the natural reflexes of paint. Read more »

Ride More and Use Less Gasoline In The Process

By: Pete Crusoe Gas Pump

For decades, I’ve felt that local, state, and federal agencies have not only been wasting your time, but also have been causing you to waste gas in the process and I think a recent example proves it! Read more »

Lightning – A Motorcycle Rider’s Guide To Storm Safety


By: Pete Crusoe

Think those rubber tires on your bike are going to protect you from a lightning strike? Better think again! Read more »

Motorcycle Headlight Modulators

Motorcycle Headlight

By: Pete Crusoe

For decades, industry experts have been telling us what we already know: motorists don’t see motorcycles and even when they do, they often can’t judge motorcycle speed and distance correctly. All too often, the result is fatal. Read more »

Selecting a Motorcycle Cover

DowCo Weatherall Plus

By: Pete Crusoe

Shopping for a motorcycle cover is as easy as selecting whether you want a rain or dust cover and then finding one that fits your bike, right? Well, actually, no – it’s not. Read more »

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