Motorcycle Safety

Florida Motorcycle Law Requiring Safety Classes Takes Effect

Florida Motorcycle Training LogoAs of July 1, 2008, all motorcyclists who wish to obtain a motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle only license in the State of Florida must complete a 15-hour Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic RiderCourse™ (BRC). Read more »

Study: Head Injuries Increase After Motorcycle Helmet Law Repeal

Motorcycle Group RidePITTSBURGH, June 12 – Pennsylvania motorcyclists suffered large increases in head injury deaths and hospitalizations in the two years following the repeal of its motorcycle helmet law, according to a University of Pittsburgh study to be published in the August issue of the American Journal of Public Health, available online June 12.

Even after accounting for increases in motorcycle registrations that occurred during this period, study authors noted a 32 percent increase in head injury deaths and a 42 percent increase in head injury-related hospitalizations, raising concerns about motorcyclists’ safety and the impact of this trend on health care costs. Read more »

Motorcycle Headlight Modulators

Motorcycle Headlight

By: Pete Crusoe

For decades, industry experts have been telling us what we already know: motorists don’t see motorcycles and even when they do, they often can’t judge motorcycle speed and distance correctly. All too often, the result is fatal. Read more »

April is “Check Your Helmet Month”

Harley-Davidson Encourages Motorcyclists to Get Their Helmets Ready for Riding

Harley Davidson Womens HelmetMILWAUKEE (March 27, 2008) – As the motorcycle riding season gets fired up around the country, now is the time to make sure helmets are ready for riding. During April’s “Check Your Helmet Month” and throughout the year, motorcycle enthusiasts are reminded to follow a few simple rules to make sure their helmets are ready for summer riding: Read more »

New Motorcycle Helmet Detects Crash, Sends Help

Brycen Spencer WIG HelmetUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst engineering student, Brycen Spencer has designed a safety helmet that could help save the lives of many motorcycle riders involved in accidents.

The new helmet, called the Wireless Impact Guardian (WIG) is designed to call rescue services if the wearer is left unconscious or has lost use of their arms, legs, or neck due to injuries sustained in an accident. Read more »

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