Motorcycles, Pickup Trucks, and Flying Garbage…

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By: Pete CrusoeMotorcycle Cruiser Links - Recycle Image

It was a sunny, warm, & beautiful spring day – a great day for a motorcycle ride. It was also a day that left me slightly puzzled and wondering if a pickup truck driver was being reckless or just polite.

Here’s what happened: On the way home, I had just finished coming up to speed off an entrance ramp to the highway and I had no sooner settled in with the other traffic when suddenly I found myself dodging debris which was bouncing off of the road in front of me. I quickly figured out the stuff was blowing out of the bed of a pickup truck just ahead.

Traffic was light and I was able remove myself from the situation by changing lanes quickly and safely. As I approached the driver’s side of the offending pickup truck, I noticed his window was down. Good, I thought, now I’ll be able to inform this driver of the hazards he is creating. I jockeyed up along side of him and as loud and clear as I could I slowly said: DO–YOU–KNOW-THAT-STUFF-IS–BLOWING–OUT-OF-THE-TRUCK?

He looked me square in the eyes and with an ear-to-ear smile on his face he said YES!

That was it. He made no attempt to pull over to investigate; he expressed no concern, just a big ole’ smile and a simple YES!

I was stunned and had no idea what to make of this. I spent the remainder of my ride pondering the possibilities. Did he not hear me correctly and was he just being polite? Did he hear me correctly and if so, was driving down the highway at speed, and letting the air currents blow stuff out of the bed of his truck, his way of disposing of refuse?

While I may never know what the real story was, there is a message here: Hazards are everywhere and in addition to always finding a way to sneak up on you when you least expect it, they usually present themselves in creative and unusual ways.

Have fun and be safe.

Updated: 8/22/08


  1. Edward Sanson, 24. June 2008, 21:36

    That is funny. You know some people can be real @SSwholes.

  2. James Smithy, 25. June 2008, 8:58


  3. Michael Scott, 25. June 2008, 14:43

    Lol – Yes, Ed is right some people can be real jerks


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  5. Frank, 8. January 2009, 14:55

    I have had MANY close calls over the years, but thankfully have been able to avoid disaster…not so, a friend of mine who was killed when a MATTRESS blew out of a truck ahead of him and like a giant fly-swatter, took him down at 65 MPH.
    There are LAWS pertaining to “safely carried” and “COVERED” loads, but you’d never know it! I’ve entered NYS Thruway toll booths behind trucks full of junk, some without so much as a tailgate to keep it on the truck……..while a state troopers have sat in their cruisers about 20 feet away, and did NOTHING to deter this illegal practice!