Motorcycle Covers Quality vs. Cost

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By: Pete Crusoe

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These days there are more choices than ever when shopping for a motorcycle cover. Selecting what type is only the first step to buying the right motorcycle cover for you.

Choosing the right one need not be difficult – but you’ll need to do a little research.

As the choices grow in number, the ability to see beyond the marketing hype becomes more difficult, add cheap knock-off’s that look like name brand covers into the mix and the decision becomes that much harder.

The internet forums are full of stories from people that have tried 2, 3 or even more covers until they found the “one” that worked. The stories vary slightly but usually the initial purchase decision was based largely on low price. Due to clever marketing and similar looking products – the “perceived value” was there. Unfortunately, many times this was just an illusion and the covers invariably failed to perform.

Some buyers learned from the first mistake, others needed another lesson or two. This situation need not happen to you.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for and when it comes to motorcycle covers, it pays to do your homework. That’s not to say that your mission for the next week is to read mounds of documents, but – a little research is in order.

Everyone wants to save a buck, however …

There’s a big difference between “good value” and “low cost”. Good value refers to more “bang for the buck” when compared to items that are similar in quality. The problem for buyers is that some off-brand cover manufactures are experts at making their product appear to have similar quality.

What cheap covers DO can be worse than what they DON’T DO.

So, what’s the risk of buying low cost motorcycle covers?

Well, for starters, most fail miserably as protective covers. Color fading, seams falling apart, and failure to repel water are some of the things you may experience with cheap covers.

However, performance failure and product degradation won’t be your only concerns. It’s also what cheap motorcycle covers do that makes them a poor choice.

Many low cost covers are poorly designed or made of inadequate materials. This can translate into your bike experiencing damage created by long-term moisture buildup. Inadequate windshield protection can result in abrasions and scratches. Improperly sized covers, as well as lack of or misplaced grommets can also produce abrasions and scratches as a result of the cover flapping in the wind.

Keep in mind that inadequate or no lower heat shields will mean that you will have to wait for your pipes to cool or risk damaging your cover.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking to protect you bike from the harmful rays of the sun, driving rains, or swirling winds – you’re going to need a cover that not only protects your ride, but also doesn’t damage it in the process.

Remember – When a cover manufacturer offers a short warranty or the ad fails to mention important features such as fade resistance, moisture vents, waterproof seams, elasticized hems, windshield liners, and aluminized heat shields – this may be a sign that you need to look closer.

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