Ride More and Use Less Gasoline In The Process

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By: Pete Crusoe Gas Pump

For decades, I’ve felt that local, state, and federal agencies have not only been wasting your time, but also have been causing you to waste gas in the process and I think a recent example proves it!

The east and west parts of the city I live in are divided by a river and there are two bridges crossing this river. The west side of town is mostly residential and nearly all of the commercial businesses including grocery stores and shopping centers are located on the east side.

Crossing over to the east side has always been a dreaded task because it takes so long to go only a mile or two. Often, I choose to shop in the next town 10 miles away so I don’t have to cross the river and because it takes less time to get there.

Recently, it was decided that the main bridge needed to be replaced and all traffic was routed to the only other bridge.

Anticipating extreme traffic backups the local and state agencies did something unheard of: they changed the traffic light sequencing and let the traffic actually flow!

Currently the upper bridge is seeing over three times the traffic it normally does however, I don’t mind a bit crossing it now. In fact, I can now go across town in a fraction of the time it used to take, all because they let the traffic flow – amazing!

Actually, I somewhat dread the day when the new bridge is opened because that will also mean the traffic lights will be put back to their normal sequencing and the roads will once again become a big slug of vehicles crawling from traffic light to traffic light.

So as I enjoy our short-lived ability to actually ride down the streets unimpaired by red lights every block, I find myself wondering just how much gas we, as a nation, could save if only they would let the traffic flow – I’d bet the numbers would be staggering.