Selecting a Motorcycle Cover

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DowCo Weatherall Plus

By: Pete Crusoe

Shopping for a motorcycle cover is as easy as selecting whether you want a rain or dust cover and then finding one that fits your bike, right? Well, actually, no – it’s not.

In addition to the standard group of full sized indoor / outdoor covers featuring different material weights, there are also plenty of specialized covers available.

Sunshades – also known as half-covers or bikini tops. Most are simple, easy to install, woven nylon/lycra covers that stretch over a portion of the bike. They provide partial coverage and help prevent damage caused by the sun.

Full Enclosures – These are often used for long-term storage and provide excellent protection from sun, rain, snow and dust.

Full enclosures feature sturdy frames and a rugged base, which can be anchored. These vented enclosures get your bike up off the ground and provide total protection from the elements. They collapse to only inches high and weigh in at about 60-70 pounds.

Dust Covers – These lightweight covers are strictly for use indoors. Made of soft materials they provide excellent dust protection and won’t scratch surfaces.

Depending on your individual needs, the specialized covers listed above are all great choices. All of these products are good quality and since these are for specialized markets, cheap knockoffs are not as much of a concern: if you stick with reputable sellers, you will most likely do well.

High-end full-sized covers, such as DowCo’s WeatherAll Plus incorporate features such as overlapped and double stitched waterproof seams, strong waterproofed fabrics such as heavy-duty urethane coated polyester. These fabrics will resist punctures and tears as well as provide outstanding water repellency.

Aluminized heat-resistant coatings prevent cover damage and allow the placement of the cover before the engine and pipes have fully cooled.

Other important features:

Elasticized hems along the bottom help keep the cover tight to the bike. In addition, many covers feature reinforced grommets to allow for the use of alarms or cable locks.

Many manufacturers try a “2 sizes fit all” approach that may not work for you. Higher quality covers come in several different sizes and many are custom fit to your bike.

Covers that are sized for your bike will provide more protection. In addition, any standard cover worth considering must have adequate moisture vents.

Lighter material weight covers fit into smaller spaces and are easier to pack. They tend to dry faster than their heavyweight cousins. However, the lighter the material the more prone the cover will be to punctures and many are only water resistant rather than waterproof.

Unless you are planning on buying more than one cover, you may want to consider a cover that is rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

It’s worth noting that only a few covers are designed for use while trailering your bike.

Motorcycle covers come in many different designs and materials. Because of this diversity, Motorcycle Cover comparison guides are almost impossible to create. In addition, many manufacturers have proprietary features that may not be directly comparable to that of another brand.

However, with a little bit of research, good comparisons can be made and you’ll quickly be able to drill down to the one that’s right for you .

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