Bluetooth® Technology Now Being Used In Motorcycle Helmet Kits

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Parrot Bluetooth Motorcycle HeadsetFrench based electronics manufacturer Parrot introduces its first Wireless Hands-Free Music Kit for Motorcyclists.

Parrots SK4000, a Bluetooth®-enabled helmet headset is said to bring comfort and ease of use to motorcyclists. The kit features an FM RDS radio and wireless mobile remote control.

Parrot, who was one of the very first companies to produce Bluetooth® based wireless hands free car kits, says their new offering, the Parrot SK4000, uses innovative noise reduction and echo cancellation technology and provides the widest range of features available in this market segment.

“Motorcyclists can now switch between their favorite songs — whatever the format — and answer calls with the clip-on wireless remote fixed to the motorcycle’s left handlebar”. The Parrot SK4000 offers the motorcyclist the ability to listen to streaming music via Bluetooth A2DP, or on the FM radio (RDS inside) or from analog sources via its mini-USB line-in connector.

The Parrot SK4000 uses Parrot’s new multi-speaker voice recognition software, which eliminates the need to record voice tags: the kit will recognize the contact’s name spoken by whoever is using the kit and will dial the number automatically. In addition, the unique Text-to-Speech (TTS) voice synthesis feature reads contact names from the user’s phonebook through the earpiece and will audibly identify radio stations to help the user select a station without taking his hands of the handlebar.Parrot Motorcycle Helmet Headset

”With simplicity in design, the Parrot SK4000 upgrades a standard motorcycle helmet to a multifunctional wireless hands-free kit,” says Ed Valdez, president and COO of Parrot, Inc. “With nearly 6 million motorcycles in use throughout the US, the Parrot SK4000 enables their riders to enjoy convenient phone communication and wireless music either from their own digital files or from the radio station of their choice.”

The Parrot SK4000 kit mounts easily in most motorcycle helmets and its rechargeable lithium ion battery provides 10-hours of talk time. The handlebar mounted wireless remote control allows the driver to select the sound source, handle calls and choose music. The kit also has automatic volume setting, which adjusts to the surroundings and automatic phone book synchronization to allow for voice-activated dialing.

Like all Parrot car-kits, the Parrot SK4000 is compatible with virtually all Bluetooth mobile phones on the market.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas during the next few days, you can see the SK4000 in action at the world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshow. (You may also get a chance to hear Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates deliver the pre-show keynote speech in the Venetian, Palazzo Ballroom)… If, like most of us, you’re no where near Nevada, then you’ll have to wait for the product’s official release which is said to be sometime in the second quarter of 2008.

The product is expected to retail for $189.99.

For more information, visit the Parrot website at

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