Motorcyclist Flips Off Police, Pops Wheelie, Then Crashes…

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Yaphank NY:Frank Patti, 26, of 537 South Chicot Avenue, West Islip , was operating an unregistered 2006 Kawasaki motorcycle westbound on Dixon Avenue near the intersection of Great Neck Road , Copiague . The officers were parked in a service station at that location. Patti looked at the officers, raised his middle finger in their direction, brought the motorcycle up onto the back wheel, a maneuver often referred to as a “wheelie”, and took off southbound at a high rate of speed. He dangerously weaved in and out of traffic, changing lanes erratically. At Great Neck Road and Oak Street , he executed another wheelie and continued southbound on Great Neck Road . At the intersection with Montauk Highway , Patti turned left into a shopping center parking lot and tried to enter Montauk Highway . He crashed into a marked police car and was arrested.

Patti was taken to Southside Hospital where he was treated and released for minor injuries sustained in the crash. In addition to the charges listed above, Patti was issued several summonses for vehicle and traffic law violations. He will be held overnight at the First Precinct pending arraignment at First District Court, Central Islip . The motorcycle was impounded by police for verification of ownership.

Read The: Suffolk Police Department Press Release

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  1. John G., 10. June 2008, 6:56

    This article is probably not the most appropriate place to comment on this but unfortunately I can’t find any better place.

    A few days ago I was using the traffic circle at Griffiss Business Park near Rome (in a car) and had issues with a rider. There was no major problem but it really got me thinking.

    Anyone who knows this circle knows that whoever designed it should be disallowed from any civil engineering task at all in the future. I’ve had so many problems here I have actually gone down to the Rome Police station to ask if I understand the law correctly. They confirmed that motorists in the circle have the right of way regardless of what they are doing, including changing lanes. They also commented that there are accidents at that circle far too frequently because of its awful design.

    There are yield signs posted at all of the entries. Two quarters of the circle only include the inner lane, so if you need to exit directly after one of these quarters (e.g. Ellsworth Rd) you have to change into the right lane and then exit almost immediately in front of yielding traffic. This involves what appears to be cutting across the right lane of traffic. Motorists in the circle DO HAVE RIGHT-OF-WAY TO DO THIS and others trying to enter the circle MUST BE AWARE OF THIS AND YIELD.

    The rider pressed forward trying to enter the circle as I tried to exit and I was forced to stop as I was attempting to exit the circle. I let him go especially because he was on a bike. But while I paused I was at risk of having someone hit me from behind (I’ve been that guy too).

    I have to admit the guy wasn’t nasty about it, I used the horn quick and he put a hand up (a whole hand) and that was it. I am sure he thought I was wrong as so many other motorists do. But you cannot stop in the circle, that causes even more problems.

    I hear so much about problems riders have with visibility, drivers that don’t seem to care, etc. I have no doubt this is a big problem. It’s one of the reasons I’m not on a bike myself. I do my best to be aware of riders. I have not had an accident in the 15 years I have been driving, my fault or otherwise.

    This was one case where the rider did NOT know the vehicle and traffic law for the situation and could have put his life at risk. I am afraid he may again with someone who is not as aware. So please, make sure that you also know all of the rules and follow them (I am sure most riders do). It is not always the idiot in the car!!!