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New Promotion Lets Riders Test Ride New Motorcycles at Local Dealerships

MILWAUKEE (April 3, 2009) – Harley-Davidson and its dealers are giving riders a unique opportunity to demo the motorcycle of their dreams with the new Super Ride promotion. Harley-Davidson is working with its U.S. dealer network to enable customers to ride any 2009 motorcycle between April 1 and June 30. Customers can then provide a written evaluation of the ride and post it online to qualify for rewards.

“Riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a unique and powerful experience,” said Bill Davidson, Harley-Davidson Vice President, Core Customer Marketing. “We want to give every rider the chance to experience the genuine feel of riding a Harley, the freedom of the open road and everything that goes with it.”

The Super Ride promotion is only valid at participating Harley-Davidson dealers and riders must present a valid motorcycle license, among other requirements.

For additional information on Super Ride, visit a participating Harley-Davidson dealer or go to www.harley-davidson.com/superride.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the only major U.S.-based motorcycle manufacturer, produces heavyweight motorcycles and a complete line of motorcycle parts, accessories and general merchandise. For more information, visit Harley-Davidson’s web site at www.harley-davidson.com.


  1. brett, 7. April 2009, 18:24

    I just saw the new Super Ride commercial for the first time today. I’m definitely in no financial shape to get a new bike, but I’ll probably end up taking them up on the test drive offer. I kind of suspect that this campaign won’t be that successful in the short-term, but might work out better long term.

    I love the song that plays in the background, it’s called ’52 Ford, the band is Murder By Death…really one of those great open highway riding songs. There’s a video of this commercial posted here : http://displacedbrett.wordpress.com/2009/04/07/the-soundtrack-to-a-harley-davidson-super-ride/

  2. Ed Hunley, 9. January 2010, 21:10

    I received a card in the mail that said “SUPER RIDE” If you test ride a Harley Davidson bike during the month of june, you WILL get a Shell $150 gas card . No obligation, no purchase necessary. It also said YOU RIDE, YOU GET THE CARD!. I took a test ride at Adamec H-D in Jacksomnville,FL. on 6/7/09. At that time I asked the salesman” what’s the catch?” He said”NO CATCH, YOU RIDE, YOU GET THE GAS CARD!” I waited, no card. Yesterday I contacted H-D, first they balmed it on the dealership, then the girl(Sarah) said that H-D sent out over 300,000 cards & had less than 100,000 prizes,but, she would give me a book. I think it is a very SAD day for the whole biker community when H-D has to commit FRAUD & SCAM people just to get them to test ride thier bikes!!!