Myrtle Beach Says No To Motorcycle Rallies

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It’s Official! Myrtle Beach is no longer the location for two long-running motorcycle events. In an open letter to the public John Rhodes the Mayor of Myrtle Beach states “After many years, our residents grew weary of three weeks of noise and traffic congestion each May, and they asked City Council to end the events. As a result, the Harley-Davidson Dealers Association Spring Rally and the Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bikefest will not be held in Myrtle Beach”.

This was a difficult decision. Myrtle Beach welcomes visitors year-round, but the giant motorcycle rallies simply grew too large. Our staff, residents and businesses strained to keep up with these huge single-focus events. It may surprise you, but our economy is much healthier with a fully diversified visitor base, instead of a concentration on one or two extremely large events.

Please know that Myrtle Beach is not anti-biker or anti-motorcycle. We want folks to come on the vehicle of their choice and enjoy all of the things Myrtle Beach has to offer. We are ending the motorcycle-related rallies because they grew too big and lasted too long. The huge rallies even kept visitors away from Myrtle Beach, and that’s not good.

For everyone’s safety and welfare, City Council has added a few new rules and regulations. We believe these new laws will make Myrtle Beach a safer and more friendly destination. For example, with your safety in mind, we now require that all motorcycle riders and passengers wear a helmet and eye protection. We also have a 1:00 to 6:00 a.m. curfew for everyone under 18. These and other rule changes are explained on this web site.

Thank you for understanding. As you know, Myrtle Beach is a great place to visit, and we welcome you at any time. I look forward to your next visit and am confident that you will have a great time in Myrtle Beach!”

The letter was signed by John Rhodes and the full text can be read here: Read Full Article >>

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  1. ItalianRider, 5. September 2009, 9:29

    I’m sorry to hear that a few stupid, agressive, non-helmet wearing “wanna-be” bikers have ruined what was once a fun, inclusive, and welcomed festival. Here’s a big sarcastic “Thank you” to the stupid biker gangs for ruining the image of the Real American Rider.

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