Maryland Proposes New Motorcycle Plate Size

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Maryland State Seal

If Maryland lawmakers have their way, Maryland’s motorcycle license plates may soon be on par with the rest of the country. Several Maryland lawmakers have proposed reducing the size of Motorcycle registration (license) plates.

House Bill 844 proposes changing the motorcycle registration (license) plate size to 7 by 4 ½ inches. If enacted, the act will take effect on October 1, 2008

While we’re sure Maryland bikers will appreciate the new smaller plates, the real bonus could be; instead of having to purchase high priced specialty frames, they may soon be able to adorn their bikes with any one of the hundreds of standard sized custom license plate frames widely available.

Read contents of MD House Bill 844 (PDF File)


  1. Matt, 18. April 2008, 20:15

    Is this the only state that has larger motorcycle plates? What a pain to try to customize your bike.

  2. Pete, 18. April 2008, 20:18

    I’ll be honest with you Matt, they should have done this a long time ago.