First lawsuit revs up to fight anti-rally laws

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Sep 27, 2008 Motorcycle rally supporters have fired the opening salvo against the city of Myrtle Beach by hiring nationally known attorney Suzanne Coe of Greenville, who said she plans to file a lawsuit to try to stop the city from enforcing the three anti-rally ordinances that took effect this week. Read the rest of the article. See Related Article from Motorcycle


  1. Thomas C McLaughlin III, 5. December 2008, 3:43

    I would like to know how a city can override state laws South Carolina state law states rides that anyone over 21 years old dose not have to were a helmet so how can a city over ride the state


    […] Other potentially significant news for motorcyclists is pending legislation intended, in part, to limit motorcycle rallies. Back in September of 2008, the Myrtle Beach City Council passed 15 ordinances aimed at motorcycles and motorcycle events (See article). These ordinances include a curfew for underage individuals, administrative processes to address parking issues, new rules for checking into a hotel or motel, and a mandatory citywide helmet law. While these ordinances will not become law unless they are passed in a second reading, the potential is significant and Motorcycle Rally supporters have fired back with lawsuits (see article). […]

  3. Pete, 16. January 2009, 21:18
  4. Tony Squires, 24. May 2009, 19:10

    I think we should all sign a petition or get a good attorney to fight this and put the MB mayor and the police chief out of a job. Any good attorney can tell you whether a city can override a stse law. I say NO they cannot from what I have read. I really hope the beach does not ruin bike week, it brings in half a million in 1 week easy and in the past helped business owners make it through the winter months when the beach closed.

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