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Custom Motorcycle Manufacturer’s and Builders

Updated: January, 2009

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  • Bagger Works – Custom manufactured motorcycles. Kansas, USA
  • Bare Knuckle Choppers – Custom manufactured motorcycles. Missouri, USA
  • Big Bear Choppers – Custom manufactured motorcycles. California, USA
  • Big Brute – Canadian Manufacturer of V-8, automatic transmission motorcycles.
  • Big Dog Motorcycles – Custom manufactured motorcycles.
  • Big Inch Bikes – OUT OF BUSINESS. See also KC Creations (below).
  • Big Mikes Choppers/ BMC – Custom manufactured motorcycles.
  • Bikers Choice – Custom manufactured motorcycles.
  • Big Brute – Canada. Manufacturer of V-8 powered motorcycles.
  • Borile – Custom manufactured in Italy. email Umberto Borile
  • Bourget’s Bike Works – Custom manufactured motorcycles. Arizona, USA.
  • Boss Hoss – Custom V-8 powered motorcycles & Trikes. Founded in 1990. Tennessee, USA.
  • Britten Motorcycle Company Ltd. – New Zealand based motorcycle manufacturer which designs and builds the Britten V100 Racer.
  • BSA Regal Group – The Gold SR500 is handbuilt in low numbers. The company also provides spare parts for Brit bikes and was importing MZ machines for a while.

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