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Updated: January, 2009

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  • Boom Trikes USA– VW Powered and Custom Trikes.
  • Boss Hoss – Custom V-8 powered motorcycles & Trikes. Founded in 1990. Tennessee, USA.

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  • Design Worx – Custom manufactured motorcycles and trike conversions. New Jersey, USA.
  • DFT Trikes – Trikes. Fully independent suspension kits. Illinois, USA.

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  • Kopavi Trikes – Custom manufactured trikes with V-8 engines. Arizona, USA.

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  • Las Vegas Trikes – Trikes with V-8 Engines. Nevada, USA.
  • Lehman Trikes – Trikes and Kits for most popular brands. Factories in Alberta, Canada and South Dakota, USA.
  • Liberator Trikes – Trikes designed to accommodate the physically challenged. Canby, Minnesota.
  • Lightning Motorcycles– Manufacturer of V-8 powered, 2-seater, Trikes. Albuquerque, N.M.

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  • V-8 Trike – Custom manufactured Trikes and kits. New Mexico, USA

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