Product Review – DowCo Guardian WeatherAll Plus

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DowCo Weatherall Plus

Touting a lifetime warranty, exclusive Climashield™ Plus fabric protection, double stitched seams and special Color-Lok® non-fade fabric treatment, DowCo’s Guardian Weather-All Plus is truly a cover for all condition’s.

This heavy duty cover sports other exclusive features such as sewn-in pockets that allow the use of DowCo’s Guardian Alarm, which emits 130db when the cover is removed, and DowCo’s Moisture Guard™ vent system to help moisture escape.

The windshield liner is soft and plush and the shock-corded hem keeps the cover tight to the bike. Strategically placed and reinforced grommets allow for the use of cable locks for extra security.

Aluminized heat panels allow immediate use after riding. Although you must wait for the pipes to cool before using the under bike straps

Fully waterproof and designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the cover also comes with a zippered storage bag. However, like most heavy-duty covers, this one is a bit bulky and takes up too much valuable storage space.

Luckily, DowCo has developed an optional cover compression tool that reduced the packed size of our test cover to that of a lightweight cover (see photo below).

The tool is actually a bag made from tough lightweight polyester and uses four cinch straps and two compression pockets to squeeze the cover to its minimum size. Amazingly simple, yet effective!

Superb functionality and the storability of a lightweight cover – thanks to the optional compression tool – Now there is no excuse to settle for anything less.

Guardian Cover

Center of photo shows the Guardian Weatherall Plus reduced in size by the DowCo compression tool. For comparision, on the left is a light weight cover and on the right is the Guardian WeatherAll Plus in the supplied storage bag.

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