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MSF To Lead Motorcycle Training In New York

msfStarting in 2009, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has been contracted to provide motorcycle rider safety training in New York State.

The Motorcycle Association Of New York State (MANYS) previously ran the program from 1998 to December of 2008. The current program was started in 1997, when the New York State Legislature established the Motorcycle Safety Fund to finance a statewide motorcycle operator and instructor training program. Over the last 5 years nearly 70,000 motorcyclists have received training.

Visit the NYS DMV Website or the  Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Website Read More »

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Motorcycle Helmets May Soon Be Optional In Missouri


The Missouri Senate recently approved legislation that, if signed into law, could allow people 21 and over to ride motorcycles without helmets. Current state law requires motorcyclists to wear helmets. The proposed change, SB27, would be in effect until August of 2014. Read the entire Senate Bill.

West Virginia Considers 24-Month Motorcycle Registrations


Many West Virginia motorcyclists are hoping they soon will be able to extend the length of their registrations to 2-years. Currently, automobile drivers can opt for 2-year registrations but motorcycles have to renew annually. House Bill 2318, introduced by Delegates Kelli Sobonya and Orphy Klempa on February 12, 2009, is aimed at exempting motorcycles from […]

24/7 Motorcycle Announces New Trike Forum

The 24/7 Motorcycle Network™ has announced the official launch of “™, the newest addition to their network of motorcycle related Internet sites. The new site was designed to provide Trike enthusiasts a forum to talk about and showcase their machines, be they conventional Trikes such as Lehman, Motor Trike or the new Harley Davidson Tri-Glide […]

New Law Regulates Lead On Youth ATVs And Motorcycles

A new national limit on lead in children’s products including small motorcycles and ATV’s may force motorcycle dealers to pull dirt bikes and other products off showroom floors. The new law prevents the sale of all products for children ages 12 and under that contains lead over specified limits. The new law will hurt all […]

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