Economy, Politics Take Toll On Motorcycling: Events & Industry

By: Pete Crusoe

Motorcycle enthusiasts will be saying goodbye to some long-time events this year and the future of some other big events is still hanging in the balance. Read more »

The Wabasha Saga: I Wanna Ride B…. – On The Back!

Zumbro River

Zumbro River

Reader submitted article

I wanna ride b…. – on the back!

My buddy was confused as I shouted my blasphemous confession over the bass duet of our v-twins. My quirky follow-up was the result of my nearly running off the pavement several times. Read more »

Post-nup says the motorcycle is a no-no

by: Robert Kirby
(Originally published in the The Salt Lake Tribune. Reprinted with permission).

Robert Kirby I am not getting divorced. I wasn’t 100 percent sure until yesterday. Prior to that, the closest I dared get to the house was a block.

All I said to my wife was, “I am going to buy a motorcycle.” We were in bed with the lights out when I said it. This actually worked to my advantage because her long-standing argument against me having a motorcycle is that I have the natural reflexes of paint. Read more »

Lightning – A Motorcycle Rider’s Guide To Storm Safety


By: Pete Crusoe

Think those rubber tires on your bike are going to protect you from a lightning strike? Better think again! Read more »