Motorcycle Helmets May Soon Be Optional In Missouri


The Missouri Senate recently approved legislation that, if signed into law, could allow people 21 and over to ride motorcycles without helmets. Current state law requires motorcyclists to wear helmets. The proposed change, SB27, would be in effect until August of 2014. Read the entire Senate Bill.

West Virginia Considers 24-Month Motorcycle Registrations

west-virginia-state-sealMany West Virginia motorcyclists are hoping they soon will be able to extend the length of their registrations to 2-years. Currently, automobile drivers can opt for 2-year registrations but motorcycles have to renew annually. House Bill 2318, introduced by Delegates Kelli Sobonya and Orphy Klempa on February 12, 2009, is aimed at exempting motorcycles from the requirement of annual registration. The purpose of the bill is to allow the registration of motorcycles for twenty-four months. If enacted, the new law would also help increase efficiency and decrease lines at local DMV registration offices. Click here to View The Bill. Read more »

New Law Regulates Lead On Youth ATVs And Motorcycles

A new national limit on lead in children’s products including small motorcycles and ATV’s may force motorcycle dealers to pull dirt bikes and other products off showroom floors.

The new law prevents the sale of all products for children ages 12 and under that contains lead over specified limits. The new law will hurt all ages of riders of some widely popular motorcycles, motocross and mini-bikes because they now won’t be able to get new equipment or repair the machines they have. Read more »

Myrtle Beach Says No To Motorcycle Rallies

It’s Official! Myrtle Beach is no longer the location for two long-running motorcycle events. In an open letter to the public John Rhodes the Mayor of Myrtle Beach states “After many years, our residents grew weary of three weeks of noise and traffic congestion each May, and they asked City Council to end the events. As a result, the Harley-Davidson Dealers Association Spring Rally and the Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bikefest will not be held in Myrtle Beach”. Read more »

Economy, Politics Take Toll On Motorcycling: Events & Industry

By: Pete Crusoe

Motorcycle enthusiasts will be saying goodbye to some long-time events this year and the future of some other big events is still hanging in the balance. Read more »

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